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The key to hassle free travelling is preparation. It's great to see when our customers have a horse box in excellent condition and you have done the "long walk to the driver's seat" to check your box is ready for travel. But as the age old saying goes "failing to prepare, is preparing to fail" and there


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3.5 Tonne Horseboxes- What You Need To Know.   3.5 Tonne Horseboxes are great and since 1997 when the laws around driver licensing changed, there has been an increase in the number and variety of horseboxes available. This has opened up transporting horses to far more people who for whatever reason couldn't have a bigger


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Winter is Coming | Preparing Your Horsebox For Winter Now that we have entered November and the clocks have gone back, stealing the much used the Game of Thrones phrase "Winter is Coming"seems appropriate. So we thought it would be helpful to give you some advice on how best to prepare your horsebox for the coming


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How to prevent Blow-outs Blow-outs (a puncture as you're driving along in your horsebox) are scary as it can happen suddenly and can make it hard to keep control of the horsebox while a tyre is rapidly deflating and disintegrating. However, in most cases we believe blow-outs can be prevented by carrying out a few simple checks in-order to


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Olympics fever reaches Horsebox Hospital   With the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics less than 24 hours away and the competition about to start, we've been enjoying seeing all the interesting stories about the equestrian competitors. Then we received a desperate phone call from Alex Hua Tian (China's star Olympic rider) to say that he


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 The long walk to the driver's seat   It is often suggested that you should carry out an inspection on any vehicle before you drive it, this is great advice- as long as you know what your looking for. Horseboxes are no exception to this and given that they don't often get driven everyday it is worth carrying out a