The long walk to the driver’s seat


It is often suggested that you should carry out an inspection on any vehicle before you drive it, this is great advice- as long as you know what your looking for. Horseboxes are no exception to this and given that they don’t often get driven everyday it is worth carrying out a few simple checks before you get in the drivers seat.

We call it the long walk to the driver’s seat, something that we at Horsebox Hospital carry out on every horsebox before driving; that is to walk the whole way around the vehicle checking the following:

Start at your driver’s door; check the driver’s mirror for damage and position, then check the tyre for tread depth, damage and inflation. 

As you walk down the side of the horsebox check reflectors are in place and visible paying particular attention for any damage to the panels. Ensure the fuel cap is on and secure and you know which side it is if you need to fill up with fuel.

At the rear of the lorry check the back tyres (both of them!) It’s very easy to 

miss the inside tyre. Again, check reflectors and lights as well as the number plate. Then it’s time to drop the ramp- walk on the ramp to identify any loose boards or soft areas and make sure grips are secure.

Then back down the other side checking for reflectors and any panel damage once again. Then as you reach the cab once more check the passenger side mirror and tyres as before.

You should now be stood at the front of your lorry, check your windscreen for cracks or chips and your windscreen wipers for torn rubber. At this point you can lift the bonnet and check your oil and water levels.  

Once you’re happy with the outside of the lorry, get into your driver’s seat and turn the ignition on. Check your lights are working- this is easiest with someone to help, but if you’re on your own just take your time. Check the charge warning light and oil warning light illuminate when you turn the ignition on, but go out once the engine is started and running. Check your washers, wipers and horn. Then start your lorry up to check the air pressure for your brakes. 

If everything is hunkydory then you are ready to load your passengers, equine and human ready for your journey! 

If you would like us to to take you through the long walk to the driver’s seat or if you locate any problems during your checks, please give us a call to see how we can help.