Olympics fever reaches Horsebox Hospital


With the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics less than 24 hours away and the competition about to start, we’ve been enjoying seeing all the interesting stories about the equestrian competitors. Then we received a desperate phone call from Alex Hua Tian (China’s star Olympic rider) to say that he needed our help.

His Horsebox, which he needed to get his horse Don Gerino to Stanstead Airport ready for the flight to Rio had been involved in an accident and needed to be repaired. 

Accidents happen and are frustrating especially when they aren’t your fault, but this was complicated by the fact this particular horsebox had passed stringent security checks to be able to deliver Don Gerino ready for his flight and alternative transport could not used.

We provided an estimate to the insurance company involved on the Monday, got authorisation on the Tuesday and carried out the repair and respray on Wednesday. Just in time for Alex and “The Don” to start the journey to Stanstead on Wednesday night ready for the flight on Friday afternoon.

Unsurprisingly they were over the moon with the repair and how fast we managed to get everything sorted. We even managed to join them for a few drinks at the pre-Olympic send off party.

It was very satisfying to see that Alex and Don Gerino made it to Rio safely and are busy with their preparations for the Games.

If you want to know more about Alex Hua Tian he is on Facebook and has his own website www.alexhuatian.com