Winter is Coming | Preparing Your Horsebox For Winter

Now that we have entered November and the clocks have gone back, stealing the much used the Game of Thrones phrase “Winter is Coming”seems appropriate. So we thought it would be helpful to give you some advice on how best to prepare your horsebox for the coming months. Whether you are planning to use your horsebox or put it into “Hibernation” there are a few simple things that can help you survive the winter months.

1. Food

One of the most basic things to check is that there is no perishable food left in the lorry over winter.

It can be many months before you venture in there again and it is a horrible surprise to find the forgotten sandwich has turned into a green mould mountain in your absence.


2. Water System

Another great idea is to drain your hot water system for your living, this helps to prevent bursts. This is worth doing even if you use your wagon over winter, as a burst can occur anytime the temperature drops significantly. You can drain the system by using the drain valve on the heater unit, and pump all the water out. Make sure disconnect the pipes from the pump in case of any residual water left in the pipes.

3. Anti-Freeze in the Engine

You really need to check the engine coolant anti-freeze strength, to prevent damage to the engine and the cooling pipes. This can be checked by using a hydrometer or by bringing it to Horsebox Hospital for us to do this for you. Alternatively if you are looking to save some money you can check this yourself by using your household freezer. Take some of the engine coolant in a container of some sort and put it in your freezer at home. If it doesfreeze then you need to add a little bit more anti-freeze to your engine coolant. Keep testing using the above method until the engine coolant doesn’t freeze in your freezer.

4. General Maintenance

It is more important than ever to ensure your general maintenance is not forgotten. Checking the condition of your tyres for tread depth is critical as the weather gets colder and wetter. Last month’s blog post focussed on tyres if you need any advice. Windscreen wipers, lights, side markers and reflectors are important too. If you need more information about what to check please have a look at our blog post “long walk to the drivers seat”. 

5. Safety

When using your horsebox over winter it worth considering your safety equipment on board. Carrying a Hi-Vis Vest in case of a breakdown or emergency is a great way of helping avoid accidents. Check the state of your first aid kit, and replace any items that are missing or are out of date. Keeping the batteries on the lorry fully charged can also prevent difficulties when out and about.

6. Dampness in your Horsebox

When it comes to Spring one of the most frustrating things is finding just how damp your horsebox has become through lack of use and less clement weather. Gel dehumidifiers can be a helpful way to reduce the amount of moisture in the horsebox. They are very cheap and easy to pick up.

7. Keeping it Clean

Probably one of the most hated jobs in Horsebox maintenance is cleaning out the horse area. By cleaning this out regularly, and doing occasional thorough cleans you can extend the life of the flooring significantly. 

Lastly keep an eye on any damage you come across, as planned maintenance is always cheaper than an emergency repair.

If you have any further questions after reading this blog post, please give us a call. We would be happy to help you.